The Glover Dorm Supper Club
The Dinner Club

Spend your first few weeks wandering around a dorm, and eventually a dinner party will break out. Says W&P student Lauren Lang (posting to the program’s Facebook page): “having a meal at a table is much better with friends when being away from family.” Five W&P students, gathering in the kitchen to concoct various meals […]

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A Nice Night For Our First Reading

This past Friday, after a long day of class, the students and faculty of the Writing & Publishing program gathered in Cafe Anna to hear three professors give a reading, the first of the year for us in the MFA program. It was a fine showing, and the little cafe downstairs was packed. Below are scenes […]

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This is a dog, somehow.
What I’ve Learned About Montpelier, After Being Here for a Total of Three Weeks

Montpelier is a tiny blip of a town, just one sign on the freeway; blink on Interstate 89, barreling toward Montreal, and you’ll miss your exit. Its charming brick-façade downtown could fold up and fit in a cardboard box. It maintains all the vitals to a functioning society: a Thai restaurant, a dimly-lit coffee shop, […]

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This year, all of us MFA W&P students got to go down to DC and take over a train car, an Air BnB, and eventually a city block-sized convention center. Some highlights include: a panel on women of color’s responses to Emily Dickinson that made me cry, Sam Sax casually walking by while I was in line for a […]

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Rauner Special Collections Library

As part of Trinie Dalton’s Fairy Tale class, we took a field-trip to the Rauner Special Collections Library at Dartmouth to view some old, kick-ass illustrated books. Above is a collage of some of my favorites. I have a bit of an obsession with both libraries (my mom was a children’s librarian; I’ve done 5 years […]

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End of Semester Student Readings
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Halloween in Vermont

Or, Everywhere is Haunted and You Should Know About It Or, The Median Age is Under Fifty After All Or, How strong did you make this Russian drink? Montpelier is very into Halloween, and there’re all sorts of stories about hauntings in the area, including our very own Anna. It’s also the only time of year […]

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Liz Powell and David Huddle

It’s sometimes nice to escape the gravitational pull of Montpelier, and one of my favorite places to escape to is Phoenix Books in Burlington. It’s especially nice when I also get to see one of my favorite professors/poets/people Liz Powell read from a her new book, Willy Loman’s Reckless Daughter and snag a copy and […]

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Graphic Design Residency

My favorite program to cohabitate with is Graphic Design. I majored in design in undergrad; they’re my people. When they’re on campus for a residency, they have two student exhibitions as well as a bunch of lectures, including “lecture bombs” that happen without notice. Last year, I went to one that was about the history and […]

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Music for Barns

Music for Barns was an event curated by M.T. Anderson and held in the chapel of College Hall. Tobin (the T in M.T.) crafted a combined concert/reading that centered around Americana and the pastoral, the rural and the rustic. Tobin was joined on stage by Gregory Maguire (author of Wicked!) and The Aurea Ensemble, a […]

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