Vermont Book Award Gala

All the W&P students had the opportunity to volunteer at the Vermont Book Award Gala, which took place on campus in Alumni Hall. I was part of the set-up crew the day before and got to see the place transform into a magical moss bed of purple and gold, then during the event I hid in a corner […]

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Synezoma and Trailhead

Last year, my cohort put together a publication called Synezoma (formed from synesthesia and rhizome) from our own writing and art, outside submissions, and images found in the Gary Library archives. We fashioned ourselves into a curatorial team: handling outside submissions, checking image DPIs, working on publicity and social media. One of the main images we […]

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Mary Ruefle and Michael Burkard

Our first reading this year featured Mary Ruefle (my poetry goddess/mama) and Michael Burkard (her husband). They asked if they could adopt me. I said yes! The reading was held on campus, in Cafe Anna, and I’ve never seen it more packed with students, faculty, and members of the community. Standing room only, folks. Mary read new, unpublished poems and the […]

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How We Got Here

One of the coolest things about this program is that we all come from very different places—geographically, socially, and philosophically. We’re from New York and California, from Alaska and Iowa. We’re from the Mississippi delta, from the border of Texas, from a temperate rainforest. We’ve been in the military and we’ve been in the theatre; we’ve been […]

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We’re back, and we’ve grown! One of the new cohort members remarked, “This can’t be everyone! We can fit in this tiny room,” but it seemed so overcrowded compared to the six people I’d become accustomed to. There’s lots of new energy, lots of new voices, and the campus feels a lot more active. Our first day […]

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