Graphic Design Residency

My favorite program to cohabitate with is Graphic Design. I majored in design in undergrad; they’re my people. When they’re on campus for a residency, they have two student exhibitions as well as a bunch of lectures, including “lecture bombs” that happen without notice. Last year, I went to one that was about the history and transformation of the I <3 NY T-shirts, and another about an artist collective who went to an island off the coast of Maine in order to attempt to commune with the ghosts who lived there and ask for some help with a design. One of the tactics involved suspending a pencil over a piece of paper, placing a glass of whisky next to it, and reciting the war poetry of Walt Whitman. I may be making this last step up, but I think it would have helped. The ghosts were all WWII veterans.

This year, I was blown away by the exhibitions. I was especially excited to see a lot of them incorporating writing into their work. Typography and the manipulation of type is always (read: usually) an integral part of design, but these folks pushed it further with visually-aided essays, poems, and the found language of text messages.


Above: Aldrena L. R. Corderjordan Sneakers | Vans Shoes That Change Color in the Sun: UV Era Ink Stacked & More – Fitforhealth News

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