Halloween in Vermont

Or, Everywhere is Haunted and You Should Know About It
Or, The Median Age is Under Fifty After All
Or, How strong did you make this Russian drink?

Montpelier is very into Halloween, and there’re all sorts of stories about hauntings in the area, including our very own Anna. It’s also the only time of year where I’m convinced that there are actually children here—so many children. One of my cohort, C.J., has an apartment right off campus that is the prime spot for candy-giving, and every year (I say this as though we’ve been here for more than two) we go over to her place, dressed up and just as excited as the kids. There’s pounds and pounds of candy and bottles and bottles of wine (and vodka), as well as Cards Against Humanity and C.J.’s extensive CD collection.


Our first Halloween here was the first time my cohort truly came together, let all of our barriers down, and got over our awkwardness. This year, it was exciting to have the new kids there too, to have our cohorts commingle. Costumes included Wednesday Adams, April O’Neil, Santa Clause On a Budget, Pearl and Rose Quartz (from Steven Universe), Lars and his Real Girl (very method), and (briefly) Tim Kirkman in a borrowed, skimpy witch’s outfit.spy offers | 2021 New adidas YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 “Ash Stone” GW0089 , Ietp

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