Reading Series Friday 11/20


We will host another edition of our Friday Night Reading Series this Friday, November 20th, Featuring our own delightful Miciah Bay Gault, author of Goodnight Stranger, and teacher extraordinaire (if you have the chance, take her module “Sentence Clinic.” You’ll learn the grammar you always wished you knew, discover the joy of diagramming sentences, and get down one on one with your own work at the sentence level. She’ll also help you remember how to see, hear and feel what’s around you.)

Shawn Wong, author of Homebase and American Knees will also read.

Finally, we have an extra added bonus: Folio Agents Sonali Chanchani, Rachel Ekstrom, and Katherine Odom-Tomchin will join us with a panel and Q & A to answer all your questions about the publishing industry. Join us!

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