Our Last Reading Puts Us—Yes, Us!—Front And Center

It was a strangely warm night in Vermont for our last reading—a surprise, really, after a day-long blizzard that dumped a foot and a half of snow across campus. Mercifully, there was no wind chill. At Cafe Anna, we were all in high spirits.

Now, it was our turn to shine. The students of the MFA in Writing and Publishing program put on a reading of our own, where we shared the things we wrote during the semester. The funny thing is, separated by different classes and workshops, we didn’t even know some of each other’s work.

Here, then, is nearly every student in our program, up on the podium. We have all stuck together, made new friends, soaked up advice; fawned over professors whose work we loved, defended our writing, braved the snow and the chill and our own critiques.

Now it’s winter break. Maybe we’ll fly back home to warmer places. Maybe we’ll double down and work harder on our theses. Maybe we’ll go skiing. Regardless, we’re definitely in this together.

See you next year.

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